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Hello everyone,

This week has been an exciting week for Yves Saint Laurent as we have launched 30 brand new lip shades to our new collection of Rouge Voluptè Oil-In-Stick. For anyone who is familiar with our Rouge Voluptè Shine collection of lipsticks then you will absolutely LOVE these. They have that same creamy texture, with the gorgeous pigmented gloss finish, but what makes this collection different is that we have added lip care oils in them to make your lips healthy, soft and smooth as well as having that pop of colour.

In true Yves Saint Laurent fashion it comes in our gorgeous and most recognisable lipstick packaging, our golden cylinder tube with the centre piece of the YSL symbol around the middle with the shade of that lipstick going around it. I personally believe that carrying this lipstick around is a fashion statement, it is something you want to get out your handbag and touch up your lipstick in front of everyone just because of the packaging.

Now on to the colour, it comes in 30 brand new shades, now that winter is on it's way out we need to start putting down the deep reds, plums and browns and get out our spring light pinks, purples and nudes. All these shades are absolutely perfect for the spring and summer time especially as they have a shine of a gloss but still very highly pigmented. 

I haven't had chance to purchase any of these yet as they have literally just come out into my store but as I have tested all the colours I definitely have some favourites and will definitely be purchased in the near future.

My favourite are Number 13 - Pink in Paris, Now I am a huge fan of a baby pink lip as all my true favourite lipsticks are a pink as they go with pretty much any look and the same applies to this shade, it's such a pretty shade I love the fact it has a hint of nude in there aswell as having an undertone of pink. Also how cute is the name?!
Number 44 Nude Lavalliere; this is basically the most perfect summer nude you could ask for. Perfect pigmentation with the perfect amount of gloss. This is definitely a customer favourite aswell as i've sold out already and they have only been in my store for 2 days!
And my last out of my favourites is Number 42 Baume Midi Minuit
 Now this shade is SO amazing because you can use it as a highlighter as well as a lipstick! When you put it on your lips it looks like a stunning gloss with added glitter which makes your lips look super healthy, highlighted and moisturised - that would look incredible if you have a tan! For your cheeks our National Make-up artist Fred letailleur showed us that if you apply it to your tops of your cheek bones, the shine from the lipstick captures the light so well, just like a highlight and because it is a oil-in-stick it does not come off sticky on your cheeks, This product is going to be flying off the shelves when people start to post about the highlight because trust me, it's amazing.

I will be doing another blog post doing a few swatches to showing all of favourite colours and i'm sure you'll see them in a new YouTube video very soon.

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Hope you all have a great week,

Tayla X

The time has finally arrived and I have uploaded my first (proper) YouTube video! I have done tutorials in the past but they were quite awkward as I was very shy in them. Now that I have a clear idea of what content I want my YouTube videos to show I am ready to upload every week!
So here it is:

For those who like a good read, here are the list of products I used:

YSL Touche Eclat foundation in Honey
Clinique all about eyes concealer in light petal
Kryolan powder
Sephora contour kit
Dior blushsculpt in 002
Touche eclat 1
Clinique Pink chocolate
MAC burgendy brown
YSL shocking liner
YSL waterproof eyeliner
YSL False lash effect mascara
Clinique intense Cola
Chanel Rouge number 6

Thankyou, Tay x

To celebrate Valentines Day being just around the corner I have decided to do a make-up look inspired by the day. It all depends on how you like your make-up done if you would consider this being a wearable look. Me, personally wore this look to work the day I did it, but I would wear the boldest look out as I see make-up as art, not just something you wear on a day to day basis.
But if you're not like me I hope you can still get inspiration from the look to create something you are comfortable with! 

For the eyes I used a pink shade from a eye shadow I bought from ebay - I am not one to advise to buy make-up off ebay because you can never trust them, but I used this palette in college from a friend and it was perfectly fine, so I purchased one myself, it's perfect for when you're first experimenting with make-up as it's only 3.99 you can purchase that here 
So I used 2 pink shades and went from my inner and outer corner and blended through the crease. To get that really soft blend I took a pale brown from my MAC Cinderella eyeshadow palette, to really blend the pinks into my crease.
I then left a gap for where I placed my black eyeshadow. The shadow I use was a Ben Nye shadow because I love the amount of pigmentation it gives off - but you can use any black that you already have.
Once that was all blended into the pink I then used a Ben Nye silver glitter to place on top of the black and along my bottom lash line.
Then to finish off I added a winged line using my YSL Shocking liner and YSL false lash effect mascara.


Foundation: Le Teint Touche Eclat in the shade Honey (B50)
Concealer: Clinique all about the eyes in light petal & Touche Eclat shade 1
Contour: Sephora contour palette in light brown
Blush: Dior blushsculpt 002


Liner: MAC Heroine
Lipstick: MAC Snob

The wait is finally over for the new Touche Eclat Le Teint foundation and I have got to say this foundation is going to be YSL's best foundation yet. I personally believe it's going to take the crown off Estee Lauder with the UK's #1 foundation. To round it all up into one, this foundation has deeper radiance, enhanced coverage, better adhesion to the skin and longer staying power. What more could you want?!

To everyone thinking this is just a relaunched of the old Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation in a new bottle, you couldn't be more wrong. It's a complete upgrade with so much more added features.

The new Touch Eclat features:
  • New catchlight technology to enhance radiance
  • Translucent hybrid semi-spheres have been added to gold pigments to capture light and diffuse a continuous radiance without shine.
  • New Touche Eclat anti-fatigue complex.
  • Banishes shadows and dispels dullness.
  • Vitamin E added to provide anti-oxidant protection,
  • Ruscus extract combats signs of fatigue. soothes skin and boosts micro-circulation.
  • 22 shades from beige, warm beige and cool beige.
I used to love the original formula of this foundation and when I found out they were discontinuing it I was worried that it wasn't going to be as good but I can reasure you that it's actually completely better, it's everything you could ask for in a foundation. The complaint most people had with the old foundation was the coverage that it gave and that it didn't last long enough on your skin. YSL have completely taken that on board and made the foundation a medium to full coverage foundation with up to 8 hour long wear. Which is absolutely perfect for me. It has also kept that light weight feel on your skin which was the best selling point of the old foundation. Now i feel i don't have to wear any concealer as it completely covers all the redness on my face and I no longer need to touch up throughout the day at work as it still looks flawless at the end of my shift - how can anyone not want that?!

Difference to the old formula:

  • Increased coverage for a more flawless look.
  • Formulated to last longer - 8 hours sleep in a drop.
  • Shade additions to find the perfect match for your skin tone.
So to put it simple; For the lovers of Yves Saint Laurent foundation, go to your nearest counter to get yourself a colour match and a free 7 day trial and i'm sure you will fall in love with it as much as I have.

Now onto the partner of this foundation the Touche Eclat foundation brush.

Say good bye to all your old 'paint brush' or 'buffing' foundation brushes and say hello to the best, easiest and cleanest way to put on your foundation. This brush has changed the way I put on foundation forever. It's so quick, so easy and best of all no mess of the back of your hand.

The 'Y' reservior helps you control how much foundation you are going to use and the amount of coverage you want to apply that day. 
Full coverage: For a full coverage you need to add 2 pumps into the Y then use circular motions onto your cheek to really buff and blend the foundation in, same again 2 pumps on your other cheek, then any foundation left on the brush is enough to go over your chin, nose and fore head. How easy?
Medium coverage: Pretty much the same technique as full coverage except you only use one pump with the help of the brush it will cover all of your face with a nice even medium coverage.

This brush gives you the best control of how much foundation you actually need to use, your foundation will actually last longer as you won't be wasting so much on the back of your hand every morning. It also really helps the finish off your foundation making it look flawless with no brush strokes.

Thankyou, Tay XXX

The newest collection from Yves Saint Laurent captures the true essence of spring with all the gorgeous bright colours. Heres my review of the YSL spring collection 2016.

Collection Contents:
The whole collection creates a very bohemian look. The name of the collection takes it's inspiration from the two limited edition palettes; the packaging of the palettes resembles colours of a precious stone and is meant to portray a bohemian free spirit. I personally think its really gives off a free spirit effect with it's bright, bold effortless colours. All of the colours are perfect for when the spring and summer arrive.

YSL Beaute Face palette collector - Gypsy Opale. £42.50
Each shade of this powder can be used separately to correct uneven skin tones or all of the shades can be used together for a soft touch of brightness. When I have used this products I used it altogether on top of my Touch Eclat foundation and it added a lovely amount of radiance and blush. I used the gold tone separately to highlight the tops of my cheek bones. 
  • The green: Minimises redness
  • The violet: Provides brightness and luminosity
  • The pink: Gives a rosy freshness
  • The gold: Adds a soft glow and radiance. 

YSL Beaute Couture palette collector Indie Jaspe £42.50
 As this collection is inspired by the free spirit it has the two peaceful green colours trimmed with the shimmery gold shade, which add the touch of radiance to this palette. Along with the green shades there is the soft peach colour which really creates the spring colours with this palette. Taking the centre stage is the beautiful rich silver, this shade goes with any eye colour you create as it is the most perfect colour for a inner corner highlight.

YSL Beaute Fusion ink blush. £35

The new gel of the blush gives the complexion a bright but translucent flush of colour. It gives a more natural look which is very seasonal with the spring and summer coming up. Adding a pop of the colour onto the apples of your cheeks will give you the illusion of plump, youthful skin. Once applied the colour will last up to 12 hours - believe me it really does last!! As it comes in 4 beautiful colours you will be able to find one that is perfect for your skin tone. 
I also think this will be a summer must have when everyone will have their tan's and you just need that pop of colour!

YSL Beaute False Lash Bohemian pink & Hippe Green £25

Both these mascaras have the exact same quality as the ordinary volume effect faux clis - amazing length and volume. But with these new colours it brings a new drama to your lashes. Wear it on it's own to show off it's vivid pigmentation or o top of black mascara to add that pop of colour. - Either way this is a must have from this collection. 

YSL Beaute La Laque couture the opalescents £19

Reflecting tones of the green jasper and pink opal, each shade has a pearly, feminine finish for a pretty, shimmering effect. The more layers, the more intense. My favourite is peace green as when you move in the light it has reflections of pink. 

I am absolutely in love with this whole collection, I love that YSL have really gone to town with the colours and not been afraid to be out of the ordinary. I honestly use and will carry on using all of these products. These are two of the eye looks I have created with the eye palette and mascaras. 

Thanks, Tay xxxx


I always say to my customers your foundation is nothing without the preperation of your skin. Without the best skin care you'll never get the flawless finish with foundation. To prepare my skin I always start with my forever light corrector lotion, I find it wakes up my skin to prepare for my foundation. After the lotion I always activate my skin using the forever light corrector serum. This is to reduce all the redness on my skin. By doing these two steps every day it has helped reduce a lot of redness on my skin down, therefore I don't have to wear as much concealer/foundation than I used to. The next step is to moisturise using the moisture glow, I couldn't love this product anymore than I already do! It's incredible for preparing and hydrating your skin. Not only does it moisturise to get your skin feeling hydrated and awake, it also adds an amazing glow to your skin to give that radiant finish. The last product out of the skin care is the Blur Perfector primer - now this is the BEST product to get your skin looking flawless. If you didn't have the time to do all the skincare I have mentioned before you go out, I highly recommed that you still use your primer. The difference it creates is unbelievable.

These two pictures compare the Touche Eclat with & without the primer. The first picture on the left side hand is the Touche Eclat on it's own. Obviously it still has it's amazing radiance and coverage. The bottom picture shows the Touche Eclat with the primer underneath, you can see that the primer has made it come to life, getting even more radiance and coverage. You'll notice aswell using the primer will help keep your products on your skin longer.
After all these steps you'd think your skin would feel thick and full of products. Well, thats the beauty of YSL's products - they all have a light weight feel on your skin.

Now onto foundation, I used the Fusion Ink in this look, it has a matte finish which I personally love- no added powder needed! You only need a little bit of this foundation and it goes a long way!
Lastly, for contouring I used the Les Saharinnes cream bronzer in the shade Ambre. This is such an easy product to use for contouring, simply use the sponge side of the applicator to map out where on your face you want to shade, then blend in using the brush side. To complete the face it has got to be the Touche Eclat. I couldn't imagine doing my make-up with out this product. I placed it under my eyes, tops of cheeks to highlight and under my brow bone.


The palette used for these looks is the palette Fetiche, I know this is an old collection palette but I absolutely love it for a night out look. I only used 3 of the shades so it's really easy to recreate. For the lid I used the bronze colour and blended that up towards my brow bone - this colour really compliments green and blue eyes. To make it smokey, I used the middle shade, I didn't want to use the black as I wasn't going for an extremely smokey look. I only blended this colour on the outer corner of my lid. To finish off the eyeshadow I highlighted my inner corner using the light gold - this colour is perfect for any inner corner highlight. To make my lash line a little bit darker I used YSL gel liner (unfortunately discontinuted) and followed that down to my lower lash line. Finally, for the mascara, I used the false lash effect (my personal favourite) this mascara is everything you want in a mascara - it adds the best amount of volume and length without clogging up your lashes.

I know i'm a bit late on that bandwagon to be wishing happy new year but I have to start my blog up and running again as i've not been writing for the past 7 months! I honestly don't know how I was still getting viewers on my page but thank you to whoever was reading it! As soon as I started getting into the swing of things with writing and uploading videos regularly I got a job opportunity which has completely taken over my free time!

Thats really what this blog post is going to be about as this job has made my outlook on make-up change SO much!
So last year in May I got recommended by a friend to become a manager of a Yves Saint Laurent counter, now being a make-up artist who loves to be surrounded by make-up all day couldn't turn it down and luckily enough I got the job! I honestly didn't think it would change any of my opinions of make-up as I thought I knew quite a lot, turns out i didn't!
With that, I have decided to combine my blog and job together and start writing reviews, upcoming trends and collections with Yves Saint Laurent products.

For my first couple of posts I will be going over the 3 iconic products; the Touche Eclat, False Lash Effect mascara and our amazing foundations. I will still be posting all my face paints and special effect looks too!

Thank you,
Tayla x